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Sizes Available:

Pocket Size: 3.5"

Infant size: 4.5"

Child:  6"

Youth: 8"

Adult: 10"

XXL+: 12"

HTV Transfers

Our transfers are printed on high-quality Heat Transfer Vinyl printer with Eco-Solvent ink. The vinyl is UV rated for up to 5 years and should not crack or fade with proper care. They can be applied to any material that can withstand a heat press. The transfer comes to you ready to weed, transfer, and press. You will need mask to transfer the vinyl from the carrier sheet to the garment.

Recommended HTV Instructions

Press at 320° for 15 seconds. Peel off transfer mask and press with a Teflon sheet for another 10-15 seconds.

Sublimation Transfers

Our designs are printed on high-release paper and transferred using your heat press.. You will need to use 50%-100% Polyester materials or specially coated sublimation blanks. The higher the poly counts, higher the color quality. Lower poly counts will result in a more vintage look. The combination of heat and pressure converts the solid dye particles into a gas and bonds them to the polyester fibers. The dye is absorbed by the fabric for a soft to the touch feel.

Recommended Sublimation Instructions

Press at 400° for 60 seconds. Lift the transfer paper and let cool. Be careful not to move the transfer to another place on the material as it might result in “ghosting”. You will not need transfer mask for sublimation transfers.   

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